Slaughterer, Philippines

Philippines, Philippines, Philippines
Last update 2023-12-02
Expires 2024-01-02
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Slaughterer, Philippines
Philippines, Philippines, Philippines,
Modified August 10, 2023


Cutting sides and quarters of meat into standard meat cuts, such as rumps, flanks and shoulders, and removing internal fat, blood clots, bruises and other matter to prepare them for packing and marketingcutting meat to separate meat, fat and tissue from around boneswashing, scraping and trimming foreign material and blood from meatKnowledge of animal anatomy and cuts of meatAdhere to safety procedures and policies to slaughter animalsPrepare carcasses for cutting, e.g. by cleaning and removing parts (organs, skin, feathers, bones, etc.)Cut carcasses for further processingSeparate meat and by-productsInspect meat products for defects, bruises or blemishes and remove them along with any excess fatProcess prime parts into cuts that are ready for retail use, e.g. using knives, cleavers, meat saws, and saws or other equipment

Job details:

Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Monthly
Occupation: Slaughterer

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