Store Manager

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Store Manager
Philippines, Metro Manila, Valenzuela,
Modified April 20, 2024


·     Responsible in achieving the sales target set by the management.
·     Directs, oversees and participates in the store program and goals.
·     Ensures that the store is opened and closed in accordance with the guidelines and procedures set by the company.
·     Conducts daily security inspection of all areas of the store including possible loss of items due to theft, shoplifting, fraud, and/ or negligence.
·     Directs the cleanliness of the store including sweeping/mopping the floors, dusting and the other housekeeping tasks assigned to a particular Sales product Analyst.
·     Directs all sales personnel in dealing sales inquiries of the customers to ensure that outstanding customer satisfaction is provided.
·     Communicates all information regarding special promotions and sales items to all sales personnel.
·     Supervises all performance of all sales personnel
·     Evaluates weekly sales performance of each sales product analyst and checks that everyone reaches their targets.
·     Provides feedback to the sales personnel regarding their performance
·     Responsible and ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction throughout the store.
·     Responsible for knowing the details information of the products and services of the company.
·     Maintain positive customer and employee relations, report any problems/ complaints immediately to the sales and operations manager.
·     Participates actively in performing improvements of the store.
·     Conducts short meetings to sales personnel
·     Prepares and follows up all pending transactions (quotations, customer order, deliveries, etc.)
·     Checks the cash journal/collections report of the cashier/credit clerk against the validated deposit slip to ensure that the daily bank deposit is made.
·     Authorizes special discounts extend by the sales personnel to customer and approves validity of customer returns or exchanges.
·     Oversees the internal control of all incoming and outgoing inventories of the store
·     Monitors all financing transactions including financing releases and collection performances.
·     Checks and evaluates all credit application forms subject for the credit investigations
·     Approves credit applications of the customer when necessary
·     Review the aging of receivables and recommends a possible collection remedies to financing manager
·     Checks and evaluates the completeness of the credit requirements of the instalment contracts before releasing of the items.
·     Verifies all moving and non-moving inventories
·     Determines inventories to be purchase and approves the request to order form of sales personnel
·     Follows up the IC supervisor regarding the expected date of delivery of the requested items
·     Oversees the implementation of all marketing activities of the store to meet the required sales growth
·     Oversees the daily inspection of the display booth (display rotation, price tagging, points of purchase, arrangements etc.) and selling area (placement of stocks and sale items).
·     Analyses the sales and market trends of the area and recommends marketing strategies/promotions.
·     Determines and approves staffing requirements within the area of operation.
·     Evaluates and coaches sales personnel
·     Helps resolve problems that affect the sales, service and productivity of the front line
·    Oversees service section.

Job details:

Job type: Full time
Contract type: Permanent
Salary type: Monthly
Occupation: Store manager

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